Wedding bells

Since my roommates and I moved into our house here in July, the old tenants’ mail has been piling up steadily with the intent that one of us lazy arses is going to eventually find out a forwarding address from the landlord. Since none of us has taken the initiative, the mail has accumulated into quite a pile. Today, my roommate who deals me some good Futurama episodes went through it all so we could save ourselves the trouble of forwarding the junk. (This was a move designed to make us feel like we were doing something, which we undoubtedly will not follow through on.) He came across an envelope in the shape of a wedding invitation and lo! It was so. (pix 1 and 2)

What to do? The name on the envelope was not even one that we recognised as one belonging to the previous tenants; could it be that this unknown couple was inviting someone they hadn’t seen since the people BEFORE the people before us lived here? (I think that sentence made sense.) Indeed, the invitation was addressed to someone “and guest,” so the couple was unclear whether their intended guest would even be bringing a plus one.

The invitation requested an RSVP by September. Oops.

Now what to do? Obviously it was too late to forward the invitation, even if we could track down the invitee. Plus the wedding was last weekend.

So my roommate and I did the best thing we could.

We sent a letter of congratulations and some origami. (pix 3 and 4)

P.s. Yeah, that’s the quill pen in action. Awww yeah.

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  1. Cool post thanks! We think your articles are fantastic and hope much more soon. We adore anything to do with word games/word play.


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