Interview with my sister

She lives in Ottawa which is far too far away from me to have any kind of normal-people conversation*. So the post to follow will be our kind of people conversation.

*We may not have ever had any normal-people conversation, but right now I’m going to blame lack of normalcy on the distance.

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  1. please don’t post our text message conversations because when I say things like “i dreamt that oxford changed the spelling of kidnapping to kidnaping” or “why can’t i share this cake with you though text, oh god, why is my keyboard covered in icing” or “which of my toes is the most attractive, and why?” I sound like a madwoman.
    I certainly don’t want people to see our private conversations and my craziness.

    (This comment won’t be published, right?)

    • Of course not. This is only appearing here now because I chose to make it only visible to your computer. Don’t worry. I’m totally magical like that. Also my roommate’s a computer programmer so I am too by proxy-server.


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