It’s Tuuuuesdaaaay!!

And I remembered! Comic time, comic time, yaaaay!!

Seriously I am the worst

When my siblings and I were little, our dad (the Chinese parent) said a few key phrases to us in Cantonese. As a result, I can only speak very little Cantonese, and most of China speaks Mandarin. I can only count to 99, because I forget the word for 100. I can say ‘mushroom,’ ‘grapes,’ ‘BBQ pork,’ ‘stop kicking your little sister,’ and my two favourites in combination: ‘turn off the light’ and ‘hold my hand.’ If I were to use these phrases IN China, in a Cantonese speaking area, I would end up with 99 mushrooms, holding hands with some Chinese guy in the dark. Romantic.

And then when the silence got too awkward, I could tell him to brush his teeth.

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  1. YESSS!

    you forgot “stop hitting your little brother” though… although maybe I was the only one who ever got chastised with that phrase…

  2. Awesome writing style!


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