I went to check on my comments folder, which I have not done in awhile, and in the spam folder, nesting snugly against the random blurbs about plugins and me solving problems with my blog (apparently) was this little gem:

“A single variety of juice is certainly carrot apple spinach juice. Clearly from name itself me could well be capable to evaluate all the nutritional value affecting juice or even the things just about all that associated with. Right now me might begin by taking four for you to six carrots women cut off their particular ends. Also me need * great apples communicate two for you to great cups of the spinach. After you have the ingredients nearby this is certainly period for you to mix that everyone lady juice mixer woman function that in your your family members.”

Now, I me don’t have a very dirty mind*, but to me, this sounds a little kinkier than me like my vegetables. What are they saying here? What exactly is the aim of this spammer? Perhaps this is strange, but me have this conviction that all spammers are trying to achieve an end; whether to sell product, garner site traffic, or collect click statistics, spam serves a purpose to the person or spambot which generated it. This spam severely shakes that belief. (Just in case this specific spam WAS trying to garner site traffic, me’ve redacted the link. MUAHAHA)

This sounds a bit to me like Chef Brian of ctrl+alt+del fame.

Also: “period” + “lady juice” + “carrot apple spinach juice” (the singular kind) = horrifying nightmares about V8 for weeks.

*I totally do. This is still too weird for me.

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  1. gah gah gah
    come join tumblr. it’s safer.
    we’re more normal (who’da thought i’d ever say THAT?)

  2. Couldn’t have said it better myself.


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