…Well, that’s about all I have to say about that, actually. Except that the joke’s on them, because for weeks I’ve been procrastinating on getting the brakes fixed. That bike was called Rusty for a reason.

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  1. Dude, EXACT same thing happened to me too. My brakes were shot too. Someone is out there on a fucken rampage. For brake-broken bikes. Sick bastards…

    • “Brake broken bikes” is difficult to say rapidly, many times in succession. Was yours parked at Robarts? A place literally swamped with bikes?

      • Omg no, but it WAS parked at uoft. St michael’s college libz. Effin’ cold-hearted snakes!! WHO WOULD take away the only joy in my life??? Consequently, I lead a very sad life.

  2. So there’s been a string of U of T library thefts then, eh? You’d think parking your bike at school would be somewhat safer, and parking at King and Dufferin would’ve been riskier, but Hank and Rusty have hung out there for months… meanwhile, at U OF T…!!

    • Omg I know, right! I always had utmost faith in uoft. I forgot my wallet in the gym TWICE and it was returned- with everything still in tact and there was 300 bucks in it once. Now, my poor pashmina (name of my bike) was taken from me… What has become of the world…? Btw we seriously still need to hang out. I’m def gonna see you at uoft idol though so that should be exciting 🙂

  3. ha ha. this cheered me up. warmest wishes. lonely m xx


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