Christmas wish list

Starting with the practical:

  • external hard drive (for when the Blue Screen of Death fully envelops poor Lola Laptop)
  • new archery equipment (specifically, riser and limbs, because my sight is awesome)
  • a new bike (sob)

Next, the unnecessary but nice:

  • Melanie C’s new CD, The Sea
  • Secret Dakota Ring’s Cantarell
  • somewhere to put all this fabric
  • Scissor Sisters sheet music
  • rat toys and treats for the three baby boys I’m adopting on Thursday (!!)

Then, the downright ludicrous:

  • an upright grand
  • an electric guitar (why, when I can barely play my acoustic?)
  • tickets to see the Black Keys in March (holy shiznits that’s a spensive)
  • my bike, Rusty, back
  • another tattoo…?
  • a recording contract with a major label
  • a 24-hour oncall personal trainer/chauffeur/cook/shopper/hitman
  • while we’re dreaming big, my own condo with soundproof floors, walls, and ceilings, a separate kitchen with a dishwasher, and a fair sized living room area in a building with an elevator and low condo fees but utilities included and enough space for something bigger than a single bed plus a good view of the city and also a washer and dryer and cable and a real TV. Santa baby?
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