New additions!

My own little family has grown today… I adopted three ickle baby ratties!

Well, technically, two baby ratties and their papa.

I’ve missed the pitter-patter of tiny, sharp claws on metallic rungs and high pitched squeaks during a scrap over food. (Sounds weird but is actually true.) What I haven’t missed is the possibly infected nail scratches I’ve sustained already. I am putting a brick in there for scratching as soon as I can.

Right now they’re trying to figure out how Papa got bread, if there’s more, and how they can get some. They were sleeping peacefully in a pile of rodent until I threw some crusts in the cage (this is excellent, they eat food scraps and leftovers) and papa literally jumped off the babies and onto the food dish, then scurried away into the igloo with his prize. I can hear them shuffling around in the bedding still. Papa’s not a very good paternal figure, possibly because Mama is absent and he’s only one year old. Kids these days… having kids while still kids themselves. *shakes head disappointedly*

Anyway, I’m looking for names for Papa & co. My baby sister suggested Bowser, Fox, and Kirby (because she was playing Smash Bros at the time); my mum likes the musical theatre-inspired names Princeton, Oscar, and Leaf Coneybear; but looking at these scratchy, tiny balls of whiskers, I’m thinking of Barney, Bowser, and Buster (after HIMYM, Mario, and Arrested Development/Arthur). For now they’re just Stripey, Spotty, and Papa.

Any thoughts/suggestions for names? I did get the suggestion “Rats Domino,” so if anyone can beat that my hat is off to you and I may have to swear eternal fealty to your wit in the name of all things puntacular.

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  1. Beatles- inspired pet names:
    Loretta (she thought she was a woman but she was another man)|
    SGT Pepper

    Bowie- inspired pet names:
    Major Tom
    Halloweek Jack

    do it.

  2. alfred beilin

     /  January 4, 2012

    if anyones on here today happy new year to yous all

  3. made my way to your website from aol and and am glad i found it, hope you keep up the good work


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