Wednesday comic!

Like a Tuesday comic, only Wednesdayer.

My sister was only 6 at the time.

So I told you I would post part 1 later. This is part one! This is why little girls should avoid asking big sisters (with little to no censor buttons) why boys are boys and girls are girls. Little girls should ask mommies who have experience with this question. Actually, come to think of it, my mom was similarly blunt with me. Maybe not so anatomically specific, but certainly blunt… that probably explains a lot.

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  1. I’m in such jealous admiration of your talents, lady! I know they’re crudely drawn and all, but your drawings exhibit a sophisticated level of skill based on their simplicity- how you can easily craft an image without having to over-draw, in a sense. I sometimes wish I was a little more like you šŸ™‚

    • Pshaw, your talents on MS Paint can never be reached by the likes of me! I oversimplified these comics on purpose, so the message gets through in a more straightforward manner. Also I can’t draw noses.

  2. Well we’d make a great team because I make awesome noses! Symmetry is not my thing. And MS paint I have to admit, I am amazing at. It just takes practice and you eventually learn awesome shortcuts and ways of drawing without the layer feature you find on more advanced programs. It’s very intricate and requires pre-planning. It’s an art, that’s for sure. Hey, when ur uoft idol thing? I’m so glad you made it!! Man, I’m so glad I thought to tell you abt it so your talent could be shared with the world.

    • Stop it, my head’ll swell and fall right off my shoulders šŸ˜› Idol’s not till March so I have two months to think of a song to sing… eeps

      And yeah, even with the layering tools I can’t draw for beans on computers. My portfolio contains exactly ONE drawing done with Photoshop and my delightful Bamboo tablet… the rest all had to be chalk pastel and graphite because graphic design is noooooot my thang.

      • OMG!! I have a bamboo tabz too! HOLLA!! Whooo! I’m so glad ur in uoft idol. Any possible song choices so far? And can I join you when ur practicing, just as an admirer and moral support? Chalk pastel and graphite? Cool beans, man I’ve never tried them. Only watercolours and acrylics. Good luck with idol! Can I be ur make up artist for the event? I think I’m developing a bit of hero-worship for you.

  3. OMG you know what we can do? KARAOKE. How did we not think of this sooner. Let’s karaoke, are you free this week/weekend? And oh hell yes you can do my makeup, I’m total suckage with the kohl. But oh please don’t worship me… that’s a lot of pressure, especially when there are so many more deserving people in the world! Don’t underestimate your own radness, sweets šŸ˜‰
    Speaking of which, your blog is up and running again and looking snazzy!

    • Oh I don’t underestimate my awesome. I’m pretty awesome. But I have a tendency to like people hard and offer my talents for their benefit. YES LET’S KARAOKE!!! How’s Saturday for you? Or anytime this week. I’m mostly free minus errands and dates. Lemme know when ur free and where to go and we’ll make it a karaoke night!!


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