Demonstrative Compact Disc!

My band finally got the demo CD together! Wheeee! Now untolled (untold?) masses of disinterested people can listen to unsolicited alternative/prog rock in a variety of languages! Remember such goodies as “The Flood,” “Chairs,” or “Bloc Quebecois”? Me neither! And the best part is, the song named after the BQ isn’t even the French one! C’est incroyable!

If I can figure out how to harass your ears with some sweet sweet synthesized vibes and harpsichords you can bet your bippy I’ll be all over that in the next post. Nothing like 18 hour improv instrumental solos to really make a listener uncomfortable. (And make a singer feel extraneous.)

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  1. you can post music on tumblr.
    just saying.

  2. I can post music on my blog for you. And you can always post on youtube and link it on ur blog. Oh, and the tumblr thing previously mentioned.

  3. Pshhht, tumblr. Puh-lease, Alex. Once I figure out how to convert sound files to movie files it’ll be all up in Youtube’s face. Thanks for the offer though Judy!


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