Goals of an amateur songwriter

It’s a new goal of mine to write one of those songs where like, five months after it’s released, everybody goes “THAT’S what it’s about?!?” But not in a “Pumped-Up Kicks is about gang violence?!” way, more like a “Gwen Stefani wrote a song about getting her wisdom teeth out?!” way. Silliness, in other words. No idea what I’m going to write yet, though. Maybe a thoughtful ballad about going to the laundromat because I don’t want to give my landlord another $3 just to do a load of laundry. Or an up-tempo, feel-good groove about how my rats constantly fight over food and keep me awake at night.

You know, something random.

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  1. Gwen Stefani’s song about getting her wisdom teeth out is clear about what’s going on from the first verse, (and I quote)

    Woke up this morning and felt no too cool –
    ooh ooh ooh ooh
    ‘Cause every time I tried to make my mouth
    move – ooh ooh ooh ooh
    The pain I’m having is so discomforting
    Please make this suffering go away
    Wo wo wo wo I told my mom what I was
    And how long I’ve been dealing with it
    I knew it was coming, but didn’t know how
    She said I’ve reached another adolescent
    monsoon – oon

    (felt the obligation to post that cause it’s one of my favourite ND songs :))

    • LOL. Ok, gotcha. Not obscure, still about a weird topic. I think it’s more of a reaction to “what is this song I’ve never heard” than “that’s what this song is about!?”


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