About me

I’m silly. Fiercely proud to be a Canadian, in that unique, apologetic, self-deprecating way. An English major, born to be a music major, who struggled along for a little while under the guises of both psychology and biology major; an eternal student (who will one day kick absolute ass at Jeopardy! and live in a box). My Myspace profile tells me I am into “Archery, harmony, sketchery, dorkery,” but my friends tell me I probably shouldn’t still be looking at my Myspace profile. I live with two rats, a boy, a fish, OCD, and an awful amount of daily sweeping. I live with actual OCD, too, not the kind that “has to be spelled CDO so the letters are in order;” that actually bothers me because too many letters have been skipped between D and O. My own mother describes me as “unique” and “short-bus special.”

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