I’m getting really bad at this

Keeping updated, I mean. Sheesh. I promise promise PROMISE I’ll update more after term essays are overwith… I have 2 due a week from now and 2 in three weeks. And in the meantime there’s plenty of Arrested Development to watch.

Erm, to keep you busy while you wait. Not to distract me. Nope. *cough*

And while I’m thinking of how horrible I’ve become at updating, here’s the TUESDAY WEDNESDAY MORNING COMIC:

freakin' cold
True story.

That’s me writing with an icicle, if you couldn’t tell. HOLY FRAPPE IT’S FREEZING. I suppose I should start wearing gloves with actual fingers in ’em while I’m biking. WHY AM I STILL BIKING.


I remembered Tuesday again. This is getting to be a thing.

Who wears short pants?

It’s interesting… okay not THAT interesting but interesting enough… that I am a short person, and thus most pants are too long for my stumpy li’l legs, and yet I occasionally find that a certain pair of pants, when matched with a certain pair of shoes, will result in the above depicted scenario. Somehow, I sometimes end up with flood pants. Why, how, who knows? My pants do not adhere to the laws of physics.

It’s Tuuuuesdaaaay!!

And I remembered! Comic time, comic time, yaaaay!!

Seriously I am the worst

When my siblings and I were little, our dad (the Chinese parent) said a few key phrases to us in Cantonese. As a result, I can only speak very little Cantonese, and most of China speaks Mandarin. I can only count to 99, because I forget the word for 100. I can say ‘mushroom,’ ‘grapes,’ ‘BBQ pork,’ ‘stop kicking your little sister,’ and my two favourites in combination: ‘turn off the light’ and ‘hold my hand.’ If I were to use these phrases IN China, in a Cantonese speaking area, I would end up with 99 mushrooms, holding hands with some Chinese guy in the dark. Romantic.

And then when the silence got too awkward, I could tell him to brush his teeth.

I’m hilurrious

Lookit my pun:

Hydra kids
Fo real.

My punning knows no boundaries… muahahahaha!!


I am extremely late with this week’s weekly comic. Apparently I’m no good at this remembering-to-do-things thing. To apologise, I am posting a fancy-type comic done in art markers – now with colour!

Hobbes' Leviathan

Would've been a more interesting read this way.

Weekly comic

I’ve decided that Tuesdays shall henceforth be known as Weekly Comic Days. I will update my blog each Tuesday (or Wednesday morning, as it technically is right now) with a low-tech pencil-drawn comic highlighting cultural and social observations or scholarly ennui (i.e. I thought of something weird or I was bored in class).

Here’s the first:

Don't you hate it when that happens??

I can’t be the only person to whom this phenomenon occurs. I’m sure this is all one big engineering joke that only those of us who absolutely require handrails for balance on escalators who practice escalator safety can truly understand. Cruel, cruel engineers.