Karaoke all the time

Especially on Tuesday nights.

Last night I went to an amazing bar in Church/Wellesley village and indulged in one of my more wholesome (yet totally embarrassing) addictions: karaoke. Literally any time a friend has texted or called and suggested karaoke, my immediate answer is yes. I will karaoke on a Tuesday till 2 in the morning (apparently).

I went to the bar Crews and Tangos last night for karaoke with DJ Elyse (who has a killer voice, btw) and it was madness. The house was reasonably full for a weeknight, and more and more people showed up as we gained momentum. The crowd was amazing – someone from my party sang a duet with a girl he’d never met before just because they each loved the other’s performance so much. The enthusiasm was incredible and everyone was just so positive, it was a fabulous atmosphere for both nervous beginners and obnoxious old-timers like me.

My friend Robyn is the one who is mostly responsible for feeding my insane karaoke addiction. Seriously, we go out mostly on weeknights because that’s where the karaoke is. Robyn this is all your fault. (Check out her tumblr if you like .gifs, Dr. Who, and Dr. Who .gifs.)


Christmas busy making-things-season has come upon us. I apologise for the lack of update… or maybe you’re relieved, I dunno. Either way, I didn’t have time to write today because I was busy knitting a sock monkey.

I apologise.

In the meantime, I’ve designed my karaoke set list so I never have to leaf through one of those massive books again:

(Duet or more)
Spice Girls – Stop (great success!!)
Scissor Sisters – Everybody wants the Same Thing
B-52s – Love Shack
Meatloaf – Paradise by the Dashboard Lights

Barenaked Ladies – One Week (terribly impressive if you can hack it)
Joan Jett – I Love Rock n’ Roll
Meredith Brooks – Bitch
OK Go – Get Over It
Scissor Sisters – Kiss You Off
4 Non-Blondes – What’s Up

So next time you’re at a bar, or an awkward company function, or one of those random Asian karaoke rooms… you’re welcome.