New Year’s Resolution(s)

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve been here…

My new year’s resolution has been to write music. This has been somewhat of a challenge, since I’ve never before in my life written anything other than essays and lab reports (and the occasional blog), but  it’s going decently well. I’ve found that the less happy I am, the better my writing gets (so I’m well on my way to becoming Adele Swift), so it’s been a weird year so far.

Second new year’s resolution, that I just made like 5 minutes ago, is to start blogging again. Hooray! (screams nobody)

I’m in the middle of training right now (I work for so as part of training I have purchased my very own website! There’s no hosting just yet, so it’s just a blank page of redirections ( but it’ll be a thing soon. Promise.

I guess that’s my third new year’s resolution.


Tumbling like woah


I finally decided to start a tumblr account. I will be chronicling my fashion choices in the hopes that the threat of public embarassment will be enough to make me actually make an effort with the image that I put out in the world.

Check it:

The title pretty much says it all.

THIS IS A BLOG (a what?) A BLOG (a what??) A BLOG (ohh, a blog!)

So. Here we go.
I used to blog a lot… when I was fifteen. In fact, I still do many things I did when I was fifteen – play the piano, sing, shoot archery, slack off, wear pants, knit, adore the Muppets, listen to No Doubt, ponder the existence of an alternate dimension and paradoxes (paradice?) of the space-time continuum… I still do act like a fifteen year old in many ways. I’m not saying how long ago fifteen was, but it was more than five years and less than ten and I still don’t have a real job.
Actually I act more like a fifteen year old boy. But with better hygiene.
Fact is, I’ve neglected blogging for so long that I’m not sure I’m in tiptop form anymore. I haven’t even written in ages. Most of my previous blogs were stream-of-consciousness, or a pathetic attempt at ADD humour, but again, I’m trying to DE-fifteenyearold myself. Sort of. (Fifteenyearold is a legit compound word, just ask Joyce. Beeteedubs.)
So it is with much trepidation that I tentatively open an actual, for-real blog on an actual, for-real blog site. No more Myspace, no more MSN Live Profile bloggywhatever; this is a clean start on a HELLA CONFUSING site. This post itself, right here right now, is mostly archival. As I write it, it becomes part of the past, and will be read in the future. You are currently reading what I wrote and what will be read at another time, possibly. If anyone cares. Zen.
When I’m SUPER FAMOUS for being EXTREMELY AWKWARD AT DANCING and being a GOOD TIME GLOCKENSPIEL SLASH TAMBO PLAYER AND LOVER all my legions of adoring fans will scan all the way back through my blog to see just exactly what I am like. And this post will hopefully throw them off the scent. Because exactly what I am like is shamefully close to what I was like when I was fifteen. Only now I have student debts, and more reasons to be self-deprecating.So, till next time, which might’ve been last time if you’re reading this in reverse chronological order, I bid thee turrah.