Egos are a funny thing

In this hypercompetitive world, where one’s self-worth and mass-worth can be arbitrarily judged and changed on the whim of others, it’s not too surprising that I’m reticent to delete the 6 spam comments I’ve gotten on my blog. I can tell they’re spam – I’m just not sure what for…

The comments run along the lines of “You have a really unique perspective… you should add some pictures and videos and then your blog will be at the top of its class!” They’re exciting, full of praise, and – surprisingly – grammatically correct. Yet I can tell they’re spam because of their lack of specificity. “I have these problems too,” proclaims one comment – on a post about how my roommates haven’t yet learned to cope with my dirty mind. Problems? Where? Spam. Yet the comment goes on to say “Great work!” and it’s just so damn encouraging that I hesitate to be rid of it.

What’s a girl to do? When she recognises that her most glowing praise was generated by spam-bots, yet still can’t summon the guts to delete a positive review, false as it may be?