Muppety goodness

 I thought it had been too long since the two loves of my life* had made their appearance together. So I went and rewatched this video:

That’s right, OK Go and the Muppets. Plus, Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords was the musical director for the upcoming film. I am fangirling more than is rightfully appropriate for a girl my age.

Watch. Enjoy. Feel the awesomeness.

*Damian and Andy of OK Go count as one love of my life under the heading “OK Go.” The Muppets are the second entity. They’re both categorised by way of synecdoche.


I’ve got a crush on Andy Ross

Yeah, I did this. No, I’m not ashamed. Well, a little. But pretty proud of how I cranked this baby out in like half an hour.

And now, the backstory:

Last June, I won tickets to see my favourite band, OK Go, perform at the Kennedy Centre Center in Washington, D.C., initially thinking the Kennedy Centre Center was in New York. (For the geographically challenged, NY is a LOT closer to TO than DC.) Thankfully, my grandmother used to be a flight attendant and so she got me free plane tickets to get there (with the stipulation that the other free ticket be granted to her. So yeah, I’ve been to a rock concert with my granny, what of it? She used to be a Playboy bunny. True story). Anyway.

I’ve loved OK Go’s music for about 5 years after having seen them by chance on a repeat of MadTV where they performed their famous dance to the single “A Million Ways.” So obvs the chance to see them live was too incredible to pass up… and it far exceeded my expectations. Yowza. Laser guitars, multi-instrumentalists, handbells… My grandmother later told the band that she was “hesitant at first but that bell thingy made me a fan!” to which they awkwardly went “heyy… that’s great…” and I died of embarassment. I was also only able to utter that I had flown in from Toronto that afternoon just to see them, to which they responded in much the same manner, and I died again. “They think I’m a moron,” I said to myself. “My favourite band, filled to the brim with musical and artistic genius, probably thought I was some teeny-bopper fangirl who couldn’t get a hold of her tiny brain cells to say something interesting or intelligent. Now what do I do?”

The answer came to me while babysitting my parents’ dogs: Write a love song.

For most of my love affair with OK Go, I, like thousands of others, have been infatuated with the lead singer, Damian. (He is fairly swoon-worthy, to be fair. There’s a reason girls go for guys in bands.) During the concert, however, before my brain decided to deflate, I noticed the second guitarist-slash-keyboardist-slash-chime-player-slash-hi-hat-operator-slash-whatever-the-hell-instruments-they-decided-to-pick-up-that-day. He was, to say the least, quite impressive. A maestro of multiple instruments. Capable of playing anything they threw at him with astonishing ease. My two decades of music training kicked in and I was ga-ga. He signed my ticket. I probably drooled on him. He played it off like it was all cool though. Probably happens all the time.

So when it came time to write my love song, Andy had managed to usurp Damian’s place in the crush-on-a-cute-guy center centre in my brain. Plus his name just fit itself so nicely to music.

Days went by and the video racked up a couple of views. Then it got tumbl’d by Andy’s official Tumblr fan site ( and the views went up. Then for some reason it got incredibly famous in Estonia (just check the web stats… Estonia is that tiny eastern European country that is the same colour as Canada on the map). Then Andy found it! He commented (not on the video link) that he was “Very flattered” and that the song had a “good hook, too!”

I died again.


The palpitations made it seem that way, anyway.

That was back in June. Damian’s managed to creep his way back into my brain’s cute-guy-crush centre but he’s about on par with Andy now. Maybe it’s time to write a ballad…