The baaaaand!

So my new band, Young Doctors in Love, is really picking up lately! We have a gig at Rancho Relaxo on the 31st of July, a gig at the Handlebar on Aug 18th, and we’re starting our Southern Ontario tour this fall!

Look out for our CD release coming this fall, too. We’re doing a photoshoot in September and filming a music video pretty soon!

Life is looking good 🙂

Two things.

First: THIS.

Second: Been drugged all day. I guess that’s what happens when you have 2 wisdom teeth removed – teeth that, for your whole life, you were told did not exist. Teeth that nobody believed you had, even when you were 22 and one started poking through the gums. Teeth that are not a bone spur or calcification, thank you Dr. MomGoogle.

Also 9 cavities filled and 21 more to go. I s#it you not.

New favourite video of the moment


This man dances almost exactly like my dad, only with less 80s “moving-your-jacket-aside” moves. Still, the sweetness is undeniable.

Muppety goodness

 I thought it had been too long since the two loves of my life* had made their appearance together. So I went and rewatched this video:

That’s right, OK Go and the Muppets. Plus, Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords was the musical director for the upcoming film. I am fangirling more than is rightfully appropriate for a girl my age.

Watch. Enjoy. Feel the awesomeness.

*Damian and Andy of OK Go count as one love of my life under the heading “OK Go.” The Muppets are the second entity. They’re both categorised by way of synecdoche.