I am just posting like mad today

It’s like Twitter up in here.

I just wanted to point out my lovely new tag cloud, to the right on the sidebar there. My most common tags are buzzing around like little annoyingly compulsively categorising bees.

I love the word bees.

I also love the fact that in the tag cloud, it looks like I often tag “organic pants.” Amazing.



I remembered Tuesday again. This is getting to be a thing.

Who wears short pants?

It’s interesting… okay not THAT interesting but interesting enough… that I am a short person, and thus most pants are too long for my stumpy li’l legs, and yet I occasionally find that a certain pair of pants, when matched with a certain pair of shoes, will result in the above depicted scenario. Somehow, I sometimes end up with flood pants. Why, how, who knows? My pants do not adhere to the laws of physics.


The socks of pants.