I’m getting really bad at this

Keeping updated, I mean. Sheesh. I promise promise PROMISE I’ll update more after term essays are overwith… I have 2 due a week from now and 2 in three weeks. And in the meantime there’s plenty of Arrested Development to watch.

Erm, to keep you busy while you wait. Not to distract me. Nope. *cough*

And while I’m thinking of how horrible I’ve become at updating, here’s the TUESDAY WEDNESDAY MORNING COMIC:

freakin' cold
True story.

That’s me writing with an icicle, if you couldn’t tell. HOLY FRAPPE IT’S FREEZING. I suppose I should start wearing gloves with actual fingers in ’em while I’m biking. WHY AM I STILL BIKING.


Putting the Pro in Procrastination

Because I am so good at it. Seriously. I should get paid for this shizz. I could give expert seminars on how to procrastinate with utmost inefficiency. And then I wouldn’t have to get a real job.

For example, I started this blog post about an hour ago and I’ve since hit a top score on Bejeweled. GOD DAMN YOU POP CAP


Since I woke up two hours ago (sometime around 2 pm, aw yeah) I have managed to microwave two hotdogs to prevent myself from starving, drag myself back to the kitchen to get some ice cream (because I’ll be damned if I eat lunch without some dessert) and then fill a mug with 5-Alive and a generous helping of vodka from my bedside flask. And that counts as productive for today.

Damn. I have to be at work in two hours. That entails work. Work is the antithesis of procrastination. All my hard not-work gone to waste.

Good thing I’m such a pro at this.

Edited to add: My sister isn’t helping very much. I was all “eee I have to work AND I have to shower, why does god hate me and why do I have to do TWO things??” and she was like “French braid?” But I don’t have enough hair. But I don’t have to be at work for another almost two hours, so she was like “just stand in the shower for two hours, it’ll be like a hot tub in anti-gravity” and I was like SWEET, DONE. So eventually I’ll get off the computer to go stand in the shower and hope the shampoo will lather and rinse itself.


Amazing what happens when you get home from work before 3 a.m.

I’m trying very hard not to write about work right now but it’s what happened all weekend so it’s kind of on my mind.

What I did today:

  •  turned the heat on 😦
  • finally picked up a course pack for a course that’s nearly halfway through
  • mailed a letter
  • killed a fruit fly with nail polish fumes*
  • found out my friend ISN’T DEAD! (we thought she’d gone missing; turns out her phone broke)
  • used my roomie’s metropass to figure out that the bus doesn’t come very often (thanks, P!)
  • bought more of the same fabric for a commission that has taken me WAY too long to finish (sorry, C)
  • bought some pieces for my Hallowe’en costume (which shall remain a secret until Archery Fun Shoot tomorrow!)
  • discovered a way to use my fascinator in my Hallowe’en costume (and that’s all I’m sayin’!)
  • got my new ear piercings to stop bleeding so much
  • rounded up a bunch of clothes and purses for donation
    • still need to find a shelter to which said items will be donated
  • watched a movie about notorious courtesan Veronica Franco
    • briefly considered becoming a courtesan, realised time travel still doesn’t exist
  • played way too much Bejeweled (dammit)

So, there was some productivity and some really, really… erm… opposite of productivity. Either way, I got a lot done today. And now, back to breaking my top score on Bejeweled…

*True story. It was buzzing around my room, I go to paint my nails, bam! it’s belly up beside the bottle.