Ghost story

Ever since she was small, my baby sister (now 9 years old) has complained of “blue, pixellated” people that periodically walk around her room at night. Now, I’m going to put it right out there and say that yes, I do believe in existence outside this plane of being – whether that means post-mortem or multi-dimensional I’m not sure – but I do believe my sister saw whatever she saw, 100%. Mark me as crazy if you must, but science-fiction isn’t always entirely out of the realm of possibility.

She has seen whole families “having picnics, walking around, or just standing there like this” (with hands clasped in front of her, staring forward) and they only appear at night when the rest of the household is asleep (and she should be, too!). At first, when she began to report them, around the age of four, I thought she was dreaming. But the reports became more frequent, always consistent, and with an eerie sense of believability – whether she actually saw something or thought she saw something, she herself believes it and thus the listener with an ounce of Mulder-like open-mindedness is inclined to believe her convictions as well.

Tonight, as we were preparing for Hallowe’en, we were swapping ghost stories – I’d heard all hers as nightmares at the time, but now, with her retrospective view from the ripe old age of nine, I can tell that whatever she experienced was either waking and paranormal, or the most vivid series of dreams imaginable.

As I left my parents’ house tonight, I had the song “Let it Rain” by OK Go stuck in my head, just in the back, barely making itself known in my brain, when suddenly a line from that song hit me:

 “Vision blue and blurry, fallen angels in a flurry, spinning ’round the empty room”

Is this a common experience? If so, why is the blue, unfocused spectre overlooked in popular ghost lore? None of my experiences (within memory) have ever involved a direct, clear view of a spirit, entity or vision such as this, but it has been said that the boundaries between our inhabited world and different spiritual planes are softer and more flexible in childhood. Either way, it was an eerie moment for me to hear that my sister’s heretofore unique visions may not be so unique after all.